Child Care
Creates A Healthier Environment For Children

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Child Care Service NGO


Children are the future of the nation and they must be given the best possible start in their lives. However, there are millions of children who do not have access to basic health care, education and other necessities of life. It could be because they are living in poverty, abandoned or orphaned. There is a probability that such children could become victims of child abuse or get exploited. Our Child care is committed to ensuring the basic rights of children by providing them education, healthcare, nutrition, safety and protection. 

Issues Concerning Children

Many issues can arise when looking after children. Some of the major issues include:

Ensuring that your child is safe and healthy is of vital importance. It can include anything from making sure they are properly fed and hydrated, to ensuring they are not exposed to harmful substances, and that the toys and furniture they use are safe.

Children can sometimes exhibit disruptive or destructive behaviours that can be frustrating for both parents and caregivers, and also pose a safety risk.

Some children may develop more slowly as compared to others which can impact their ability to reach developmental milestones.

Children can also suffer from mental health problems, such as anxiety or depression. This can make it difficult for them to cope with the problems of everyday life and impact their relationships with others.

Providing nutritious meals and snacks is essential for the health of the children. It is also important to be aware of any food allergies that children may have.

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