We ensure necessary supplies for the mother and her new born

Maternity Baby Supplies

Our NGO works to offer maternity and baby supplies to families who may not be able to
afford these items on their own. We help to support all the families with resources. Clothing,
diapers, and toys are some of the popular items that we supply to families to get them back on
their feet. We make sure that both the mother and her newborn get the necessary supplies
they need to thrive.

We offer complete support for the mother and her baby during this amazing transition in their lives. Some other services offered by us include newborn care and guidance, breastfeeding or bottle-feeding support, nutritional support etc.

We want to bring her pregnancy as close to a full term as possible. We want to ensure that all women are accorded rightful places in society. Through our initiative, several women and their babies have managed to get proper health care to live a better- quality of life.

Maternity and baby supplies NGO’s objective is to prevent maternal health risks and death, avoid premature birth and death and close the health equity gap. We dream of a world where all mothers and their newborns are healthy, irrespective of their race or geography.

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