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Caring and Sharing

In Our Blessed Mother’s Arms is a pro-life family center in New Haven, Connecticut that offers spiritual support and financial assistance to those who need it. To support our programs, we are accepting all sorts of help. We are open to any assistance—may it be in the form of cash or in kind.

We want to ensure that all women and children are accorded their rightful places in the society. If you have any maternal or baby supply that you no longer need, you can consider donating them to us. Whatever you do, you will be helping to make a difference in the lives of families in need.


The MISSION of “In Our Blessed Mother’s Arms” (IOBMA) Pregnancy Resource Center is: “to provide the support, resources, one-on-one help and prayers to make sure that pregnant women-in-need can safely experience childbirth and then securely and confidently meet all the challenges and obligations associated with caring for a child and raising a loving family.”


For the love of our new Babies and Families! Choose life!

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